Customer Reviews of Our Home Attic/Garage Venting System in the Mesa and Phoenix Area

Anybody can say anything and make bold claims. A lot of companies do. Here’s what real homeowners have told us, in their own words.

Saved Us from Spending $10,000

You installed a Flex Fan in our garage earlier this summer and helped us get attic vents installed in our house. We wanted to let you know how wonderful the fan works and how much it has helped with our air conditioning. Every summer in August our AC unit could not keep up with cooling our home and would freeze up.

The AC people would tell us that we needed another unit and extensive ductwork done which would cost us $10,000.00 plus. We are very happy to report that since adding the Flex Fan and attic vents our AC unit has been able to function all summer without freezing up. We are also enjoying being able to walk into our garage without the suffocating heat.
 -Mike and Laurie Stiff

Lower Power Bills

I noticed this past summer that the A/C did not run as long when it came on. This was confirmed when I received my power bill. Both consumption and cost were down from last summer. Also having the garage ventilated was an added bonus. I have and would recommend your attic ventilation system to anyone who has an attic and attached garage.​
 -Frank Delotto

Noticeably Much Cooler

Ray thanks again for a good job of cooling our attic and garage. The temperature in the home attic dropped about 10 to 11 degrees from 125 to 112 degrees with the fan on at the highest outside afternoon temperature of 105 degrees in the summer. The garage also lost a ton of engine and ambient heat plus it faces west so it gets the worst of the afternoon direct rays of the Sun
-Frank and Jackie Rank

What A Difference!

 I wanted to let you know how happy we are with the results we are enjoying with the “garage / attic” fan you installed for us last month. There is a huge difference in the ventilation we are getting through the garage and the overall temperature of the house due to our attic ventilation.

We have noticed a big difference in the overall temperature of our home and the benefit of having had our garage properly vented with “just driven cars” parked in the garage.

We are anxious to enjoy the reduced “strain” we put on our A.C. due to having proper garage and attic ventilation!

As an active employee in residential construction, I would recommend an “Attic Tune-Up” to anybody that has a garage and attic​!

-Thom Andreozzi