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Why Garage And Home Ventilation Is So Important


1. Reduces the Strain On Your AC Unit.

By definition, ventilation is the mechanical system or equipment used to circulate air or to replace stale air with fresh air.

If you don’t install the proper equipment, in the summer months, hot air builds up during the day so you soon have a pressure cooker in your attic and garage, leading to an uncomfortable, hot environment, and the need to constantly run your air conditioner.

Your attic insulation keeps that hot air in the attic, making it hotter.  That builds up pressure.

That pressurized hot air needs a place to go someplace and if it’s trapped in your attic it’s going into your living space!

Attic Tune-Up is just common sense for your home.  We actually remove the trapped hot air from your attic and prevent it from entering your house, thereby lessening the time you need to run your air conditioner and lowering your power consumption.

2. Safety Concerns.

The Attic Tune-Up system also keeps your garage and home healthy by ventilating the potentially toxic and dangerous fumes that can build up in your garage from exhaust, chemicals or even charging batteries in a golf cart.

If your garage is attached to your home, these unhealthy gases can make their way into your living areas.

Our garage ventilation fan can be installed as a stand-alone solution or paired with our whole house system. Imagine being able to utilize your garage as an extension of your home, even during the hot summer months!

How do we do it?

You guessed it – by ventilating the “trapped air” spaces of your home using our state-of-the-art Flex Fan™ technology!

Your home will be more comfortable through the hot Arizona summers and you’ll pay less money to the utility company!

With an Attic Tune-Up, you can live in fresh, cool, quiet comfort while saving energy and money. Ventilation is what we do, and we do it every day. We’ll lower your summer cooling utility bill, reduce the demand on your air conditioner and make all the areas of your home more useable.

Sound appealing? Give us a call today for a FREE home assessment to find out how you can lower your summer cooling bill, reduce demand on your air conditioner and make all the areas of your home more useable!