About Us

Attic/Garage Venting Experts in Mesa

At Attic Tune-Up, we are true specialists dedicated to one thing:

I only do expert attic and home ventilation systems for your home.

When it comes to attic/garage venting in Mesa and throughout the area, most companies only do this as a sideline.  I’ve seen their work and it’s not pretty and sometimes it’s just plain dangerous.   (In some instances their shoddy work created a potential fire hazard for the homeowner.)

Over the years, I have developed a customized attic/home ventilation unit that has proven to help my clients reduce the strain on their air conditioners, noticeably kept their homes cooler, and allowed them to reclaim areas of their home during the summer months were intolerable.

Just Some Of The Reasons Attic Tune Up

Is Setting A Whole New Standard

  • I Know What I’m Doing.  With 25 years of experience and more than 500 happy customers, I’ve seen it all.  I won’t be learning on your job, or making it up as I go.
  • Skilled Professional Craftsmanship.  As a licensed, bonded, certified electrician and I hold the only Specialty Certification from the State of AZ specifically for attic ventilation, I know how to do it right, the first time.
  • Each Unit is Custom Built Specifically for Your Home.  A number of years ago I got so frustrated with the poor quality of off the shelf ventilation systems  –  the kind everyone else is installing – that I began to build them myself.  Over the years I’ve been issued a number of patents and your system will be build based on your specific needs.
  • Installed in One Day.  Once I’ve built your unit, I will have it installed for you in one day – and many customers report a noticeable difference almost immediately.
  • Firm, Fix Price Guarantee.  The price I quote for your project is the price you’ll pay.  No end of job surprises.
  • When Other Companies Need Advice, They Come To Me.  I’ve been around long enough to get to know many of the “big boys” – mostly roofing companies, insulation contractors and suppliers.  When they can’t figure something out when it comes to solving a home ventilation problem – and making them look good, I’m the guy they call.

Call Attic Tune-Up today to find out how you can lower your summer cooling bill, reduce demand on your air conditioner and make all the areas of your home more useable!