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Reduce Your Summer Electricity Bill, Extend The Life Of Your AC Unit And Dramatically Reduce The Effects Of Summer Heat In Your Garage And Home…
And For A Fraction Of The Cost Of Replacing Your AC System



Call Attic Tune-Up today to find out how you can lower your summer cooling bill, reduce demand on your air conditioner and make all the areas of your home more useable!

My name is Ray Kohler and my company, Attic Tune-Up has been making garages and homes cooler in the Mesa and Phoenix area since 1991.   I want to assure you that doing a project with my company will virtually eliminate the myths, frustrations, and problems that are all too common in the home cooling industry.

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • During the summer months, your garage turns into an oven and almost un-usable.
  • Your AC unit kicks in early in the day and runs almost continuously until late evening.
  • You’ve had your AC unit running so hard that it has frozen up and you needed to pay a hefty service fee to get running again. – or were told it needs to be replaced.

I invite you to learn how I’ve been keeping homes and garages cooler with our proprietary, custom-designed and common-sense solution.

If you’re interested in an on-site evaluation to see if this would work for your home just give me a call.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to answering any questions about keeping your home and garage cooler.

Attic/Garage Venting Systems for Homeowners in Mesa and The Surrounding Area